Samsung Smart Watches list

When a watch does something more than just telling time, it means so much. This makes you to keep your phone in your pocket while the device is on your wrist. Smart phone can make everything easy with a tap on the display, and Smart Watch makes it even easier with a single tap on your wrist.

Samsung Smart Watches listSamsung is the leader in the Smart category giving best reliable service at your finger tips. Most of all it is easy and user-friendly. When designing the user experience of a smart watch, Samsung does not follow the tradition, but it tries with new creations where you can compete with the others and move beyond the borders. Developing a mobile operating system in order to bring it to your wrist is not that easy, it is challenging. Because people always demand new features.

Features you most like in smart watches

  • Notifications
  • Interacting with non-smart phone devices
  • Hardware variety
  • Controlling music
  • Fitness support
  • Weather and Traffic
  • Security
  • Navigation
  • Battery life solutions
  • Customization

Samsung Galaxy Gear Series

Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung enters to the Smart watch scenario in 2013 by launching Galaxy Gear. It runs Tizen and most of users hold a negative vision on the very first launch of Samsung. It has many shortcoming and unexpected complex in handling. The promotion program of Galaxy Gear won a storm attention of many as Samsung has entered to compete with a new smart device.

Samsung has been generating Smart watches for years. By going through different experiments and attempts with time, now Samsung has come to what it expected. Samsung’s few attempts were unsuccessful before they release Smart watch “Galaxy Gear” in 2013. It is supported only with Samsung operating system and received somewhat poor demand and both positive and negative reviews.

Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Samsung’s next attempt was Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. Which are similar with Galaxy Gear system but enhanced with added features in order to strengthen the performance. The Gear 2 Neo is developed including fitness tracker and improved notification system. Heart rate monitor is also a highlighting feature comes with Gear 2 Neo which were released to the public in 2014. They also run with Samsung’s operating system (Tizen). They were much improved than their 1st launch, but there were many more to be developed as well.

The Gear Fit is Samsung’s launch for the activity tracker revolution.

Samsung Gear Live is the Samsung’s fourth attempt after Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, and Gear 2 Neo. It includes clean, attractive design but still problems with syncing apps to Gear Live.

Samsung Gear SSamsung Galaxy Gear S

Samsung Gear S is released on October 2014. It is just like a Smart phone. Compared to above mentioned versions, Gear S is far more improved with added benefits. It is also call a standalone device in many occasions. It took over a year to come but it came with a massive change. It works just as a little Smart phone.

Then Gear S Smart watch came to the scene with a vast change. It is a standalone device that supported with Android operating system and Tizen based.. It has a SIM slot for a 3G connection and it can make calls, send messages independent of smart phone connectivity. There are certain circumstances that you need to pair tour Gear S with the device to install various apps.

Then Samsung came with Gear fit which is with an AMOLED curved display. It is attracting and looks great. Gear Fit has access to track heart rate, activity and connected with the Smart device to receive alerts. Gear Live which is a square watch which also has heart rate monitor added in order to get exercise information is launches after Gear Fit. With the launch of Gear Galaxy, the Smart Watch concept happened to arise.

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Galaxy Gear S2Then we move to the latest Gear S 2 version which can win people’s wrists with many benefits. It has a well improved outlook, which is Smart and classy. And also it is supported with many apps. Customization is significant in Gear S2. It has a decent battery control. Navigating around Samsung Gear S2 is also interesting. The display is sharp, bright and it comes with an attractive round face. That is where style meets with impressive functions. And it is compatible with most of the Android smart phones. Another thing is Samsung Gear comes in different styles matching with your mood.

Samsung Gear S 2 is the next Smart Watch experience that suddenly arrived with Samsung. Though it is not too large, it has an improved outlook than any other. It has many apps supported with Gear S2, for an example, ESPN, Bloomberg, Nike and CNN are already customized in Gear S2. It has all healthy features and battery life can also estimate about 2-3 days. Gear S 2 is available in two different styles also. Compared other Gear models,  S2 is in the highest position with so many improved features.

Samsung connects you, controls you and simple you, giving the best product with time and technology. You can discover style, elegance at the same time making everything easier and simple.Smart watch is an attempt in order to give the real experience of a smart device. Timely this concept and features get improved in order to give the customer the best value to their wrists. Samsung expose you with latest technological trends and make connected easily with what you really impressed of.

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