Smart Watch Phone DZ09 Un-boxing and Review

Welcome My friends, I would like to forward you about details of new Luxsure® Smart watch Phone DZ09 un-boxing and review. Today we can discuses about smart watches. If we consider the  model of DZ09 when we will see ….what  characteristic does this smart watch have? This is supported for Android and Apple smartphones. We are going to talk about smart watch’s  box which is strong and cardboard. In the box we can see the smart watch DZ09 which it is gold colour. Furthermore we can USB cable, user manual and of course we have screen a protector inside the box.

Smart watch Phone DZ09Dimensions of smart watch phone DZ09

Actually it does see as golden color which it is made by polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is consumer friendly chemical/chemical complex. So don’t worry to wear it. it is not harmful your skin. In frontal part of DZ09 smart watch has a metal frame where it is located around the screen.Screen size is 1.56’ inches and it has gold resolution with 240*240 pixeles. Its dimensions are 4.3’ length ,4cm width and 1cm height. The weight of DZ09 smartwatch is 51 grams. At the top of the above watch has camera and microphone. That camera is 0.3 megapixels which it has 320*240 pixels resolution.Smart watch Phone DZ09 Box

At the bottom of the DZ09  smart watch as button to enter device. It can use to switch of and switch on about smart watch and unlock the screen furthermore. On side there is a micro USB port to load enery/current it. The strap is rubber and it fits wrist perfectly. At the rear we can see the speaker.If we remove the cap carefully, when we can find battery which it is made by lithium. The battery has 380mAh capacity.This Lithium battery allow us use  smart watch by  one day approximately.Anyway you should be careful ,this will be depend on the use give the smartwatch.If we remove the battery, when we can see it incude  6260A processor of 533MHz and its Ram memory is 128MB and DZ09 smart watch internal memory is 54Mb. Next feature is we can slot to connect the Micro SD. Actually we put/store  a Micro SD until 32 Gb capacity and it has port to connect the sim card that is compatible with frequency bands GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ to link your smart phone.Smart watch Phone DZ09 Back micro sim

Bluetooth Notifications of Smart watch Phone DZ09

Firstly we should have to download an application from play store. We have to put BT notification in the search bar. Then we have to select first option from the results. Finally we have to install the BT notification. after we can open the application easily. Next step is we have to enter the option accessibility settings. Next is we select BT notification to authorize the notifications. At that time should select as accept to receive the notifications from smartwatch.Then we should go to the principle menu and you need to select BT notification apps to set up applications can receive notifications as wel as there are so many apps  we can be seen and we can on or off so we should save this setup as your wish. After that we can go to settings from the smart phone. Now should turn on the Bluetooth and need to wait few seconds then our smartphone can find a DZ09 smartwatch when the both devices linked correctly as wireless. And we have to see that codes must match both the smartwatch and smart phone. At this time we should select the accept for the both devices. Smart Watch Phone DZ09-2

Tour of smart watch phone DZ09

  • Calling
  • Messaging
  • Pedometer
  • Alarm
  • QR code Download
  • Calender Program
  • Calculator
  • SD cards
  • Themeing
  • Music Player
  • Radio
  • Camera
  • Audio Recoder

Now  we can go to tour about the smartwatch. Actually The smart watch has 3 watch faces and all watch faces are circle form and analog shape. In the menu of the smart watch has varies options. If we consider the messaging option when we can send the messages by using small keyboard. Furthermore we can our inbox among the varies options. If you select the inbox when you can watch/read call history easily.Another option is our smart watch as pedometer. Anyone can use it to detect the time about  physical activities easily. Next useful option is sleep monitor which it control and mange our sleeping qualies. It has option as antisedentary which it can notify us through alarm that we have to do  some activity.We also can see a  QR code to download app as BT notification

Generally smartwatch can set up alarm in according to the our activities of the every days.It has provided a calendar to program our everyday activities without delay.It also has calculator which it can use to calculate for some mathematic operations. And We can select the varies types of profiles in according our real necessities. that moment we can see 4 profiles. First one is file manger. That will allow us to see files from internal or external memory. Then we can set up themes. It has five options. We can choose any themes that we need or as our wish.The all themes are colorful and very awesome for example ,this one to listen our is necessary to go music player. So you can listen your favorite songs. Another option is radio has in your smart watch which it help to listen you a your favorite radio station.

Next option is camera, we can use it to capture a picture. But you should be careful before use it .Anyway you should insert SD card before use the camera.If you don’t have SD card when Smartwatch will use its internal memory. Mentioned camera is 0.3 megapixels which it is 320*240 pixels.

If you require a better resolution when need to use your smart phone,then your smart phone can take better images easily. It is very powerful than smart watch. The video recorder has standard resolution as you can see in this moment furthermore, however we are thanking about this option.We can see this option as the image gallery.Actually our images will be saved in external or internal memory.

If you require to record audio or any sound you need .you can use this option easily as well you can take calls for anyone by using your smart watch. At that time you need to go option of call marking, then you should enter the required number to take call by using your smart phone, Any way if you know number you need to call then you can call that person easily by DZ09 smart watch.

To take call, you have two options, the first option is local calling while you need  call through  SIM card. The second option is  BT calling by using phone book. Smart watch can use your phone book easily. You can use this option with your phone book. If you are having call from anyone when you can cancel  by smart watch that call as your wish.The smart watch is linked to your smart phone via blue tooth before do so may thing that I discussed before. Can you remember it again.

We can enter  your phone-book, then you can the all contacts. Wonderful we can call for anyone easily by smart watch. Basically we can take call as local or as BT call option easily and it cancel by using any device(smartwatch or smart phone). And I need to about Drop-down notification bar, That will allow to see any option about on or off.

I hope that explanation is very useful to use smartwatch and smart phone. Thanks.


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