Top All Facts About LG G Watch R



Introduction About LG G watch R

People used watches since hundreds of years ago. But before several years electronic watches came to the society. So it has good demand & manufactures designing there smart watches quickly and attractively. Designing & functions will change better with time to time.


Important Fact About LG G watch R


You can get square type smartwatches so far generally. Now introduce two types of round  sape smart watchers to the market. There are Moto 360 and LG G watch R.

Considering the LG G watch R watch; it is fully rounded face smartwatch. It’s very attractive looking, black color & its side view also good. But it has small text and individual pixels. So it should be change or improved.

Best Features About LG G watch R

G watch R is little bit larger than Moto 360 and 1.3” Full circle P-OLED display,320×320 pixels,246ppi,33mm screen diameter. Display is perfectly visual, black color. Qualcomm Snapdragon 400(MSM8226), quad-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 CPU, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage. But 3GB also available. Watch has 410mAh Li-Ion battery & It should be used moderately 2days without charging. Anybody cannot found G watch R hardware fault yet. It has stainless steel casing.

G watch R smartwatch is IP67 Certified and there is no problem, if you can bath or swim with watch about 30 minutes up to depth of 1 meter. So G watch R is better than other waterproof wristwatches.

These days Android wear combines with a Google. So you can connect your Smartphone with smartwatch and able to  do several things before you never heard. But iphones or window phones haven’t support like that. Following features like heart rate sensor, accelerometer, barometer, Bluetooth 4.0LE, Vibration and compass also are  available additionally. But it’s main disadvantage accidently turn on the screen easily.

Moto 360 is also circular wristwatch. But features are less than LG G Watch R.

LG G Watch R is significant smartwatch. But still not study more in general. Smartwatces are changing time to time  while  users requirements are changing. So it will be creating  with different functions in future. But right now we have so many benefits wearing by LG G R smartWatch.Further more we  considered only  about android smart watches.

In the future we can find LG G watch R with new features what they will be decided. So we are waiting for that improvements and developments..



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